Dirty Thirty Shopping


People think getting older means you get fat and can’t wear the same things. At times that is totally the case, but, there’s more…

Getting older means you can’t run around barefoot all day; apparently. You’ll get heel spurs, metatarsalgia (pain in your arch), plantar fasciitis (flattening of the foot causing mini tears), Achilles pain, and more. I am such a Floridian. Barefoot or chancletas (flip flops) all day. This year this behavior has caught up to me. Doing all my house work, speeding around barefoot, by the middle of the day I’m dying. At first, I tried those viral puffy slides and regretted it. I decided to find a legit orthopedic sandal. I can’t wear sneakers all day inside my own house. Just doesn’t feel right. Using the “try before you buy” feature on Amazon; I ordered “Sketchers Women’s on-the-go sandals.” Love at first wear. They are cute and comfy. Definitely keeping them. If you have feet like me try them out.


I tried to find a pair that was cute, comfy, and not old lady looking. To me, this pair is perfect. It has straps in the back so I don’t have to hold on for dear life with my toes.

Being out in the Sun changes too. If you are like me and had a bit of a sudden weight gain right when you turned 30, then wearing a bikini isn’t as appealing. In attempt to wear a bathing suit, but, still fashionably hide my belly, I bought a high-waisted suit. Unfortunately, my husband said I look like an old lady?? Don’t ask me why. I find this look so cute on women. Let me know if you try it yourself!


As a Latin woman who lives and breathes rice; I have always had cellulite. As I get older the cellulite no longer lives solely on my bottom. It has decided to also appear on my thick thighs. I embrace my thick thighs and curvy shape. I don’t truly embrace cellulite. Therefore, I have been consistently using this product every time I exit the shower. I see improvement already. The smell is heavenly and beachy. Also, keeps my skin moisturized longer than regular lotion. Very recommended.


I have posted about my struggle with anxiety in the past. As I age, it gets stronger. Regular coffee make me a crazy person. Though, I am on prescription anxiety meds, the craziness tends to creep up on me when drinking coffee. I now swear by this brand of alternative coffee! Gives energy without anxiety. I get to sip to my hearts content with no fear!


Some people may dread change and may dread aging. I say be grateful you’ve made it this far and adapt with the time!!

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