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Encroaching into my 30s I sadly watch my pores grow larger and larger. Before the vision of such sight appeared in my mirror I never understood the complaint of large pores and why so many products claim to minimise them. Now that I am, too, blighted with the annoyance of this weird occurrence on my skin; I completely understand. The makeup you work so hard on begins to look cakey instead of flawless. Less is more becomes the motto. You find yourself pouring on moisturiser in hopes to combat the crows feet that aren’t walking away only to cause pimples because everything got sucked up into your giant pores. Sounds familiar? Well I’ve decided to fight back. I’m on a mission to minimise. Come join the fight for your face!

Skin Routine

  • Glycolic or salicylic peels
  • Gel-based face washes
  • Water-based moisturiser
  • No scrubbing! Be kind to your skin

Makeup Changes

  • Control oil production with sarcosine, nordihyroguaiaretic acid, and NGDA
  • Zinc sulfate, niacinamide, biotin, zinc gluconate, and caffeine slows the sweat gland
  • No alcohol
  • No mineral oil

Diet Doers

  • oregano, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, and ginger helps with suppleness
  • Green tea
  • No sugar and no carbs (resisting when possible)

Now that you have more tools for your facial fight I wish you good luck and petite pores.

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