Mango Popsicles

Summer season leads to fun in the Sun. Florida Sun gets so hot that, at times, even the A/C won’t save you. A multitude of strategies are planned and laid out in the hopes of lowering any amount of the burning blistering Sun against your skin. The lucky ones have pools. The less lucky get […]

Cucumber and Chicken Salad

Summer has started. Sun rays are at their strongest. Florida heat feels like fire on your skin. No better way to cool off than cucumbers. They’re super hydrating. High in vitamins and minerals, such as, vitamin c, vitamin k, manganese, potassium, and more. They contain antioxidants, lowers blood sugar, and aids with weight loss due […]

Preserving Garlic

I am Spanish so I use garlic in everything. Anything savory there will be garlic. Not just one clove. No way. Three is my minimum and more depending on the dish. Garlic is delicious and has great health benefits. So the more garlic the merrier ! List of Garlic Benefits Boosts Immune System: A study […]

The Secret of the Sun

Morning routines may be important and at times hectic. However, something even more important should happen if time permits. A Sun Stroll. First thing in the morning, after kids go to school or before you go to work, go for a walk. Walk clear uninterrupted with no device. No music?! Yes. No music. Motherhood can […]

Ancient Era

Ancient Greece has its place in Albania. Many people travel to the country Greece to see a window into the past. Surprisingly, Albania has its own place in Greek history. You can feel transported when visiting “Apollonia.” A town containing an entire ancient settlement that was once part of the Roman Empire. A beautiful old […]