Breakfast Burrito

Quick little breakfast burrito

For the longest time I read and saved many articles about meal prep hoping to do so myself. Sadly, I never could get it going. Lately, I feel like I figured it out. Definitely not as difficult as it seems, nor do you need to spend an entire day cooking.

Entire meal made with pre prepped ingredients

One of the main things I’ve been doing is basically picking one meat for the week, either pork or chicken usually, and simple cook a large portion. For example, buying a bunch of chicken breast or thighs, freezing half of them, then slow cooking the rest to shred. What I love about shredding is you can easily mix or add it into different dishes throughout the week. Shredded chicken breakfast burrito in the morning, avocado toast topped with shredded chicken for lunch, and shredded chicken thrown into pasta for dinner. Just some ideas to get you thinking of the possibilities.

Playing mix and match with what I prepped

Pictured is cut mixed onion and sweet peppers, shredded meat, and cooked egg. I took like 3 or 4 eggs, cooked each one separately (3 basic omelets and one egg scrambled), separated each egg with paper, and put into Tupperware. Having the already made little sort of egg patty makes it easy to have egg for breakfast without cooking. Good for lazy sleepy mommies like me! The cut pepper and onion mix is super convenient. Adding veggies to any meal without cutting board. Of course, you can add the veggies of your choice. I’m just in love with onion.

This Breakfast Burrito is super simple, yet, nutritious and delicious.

  • Flour tortillas
  • Shredded chicken
  • Fresh onion
  • Fresh sweet peppers
  • One basic egg omelette (one egg whisked, splash of milk, little salt and pepper)
  • Hot sauce

Try it out. You can meal prep too. Definitely not as time consuming as I expected and I barely have to cook throughout the week. Have fun mix and matching!

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