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I’m Eve, a mom of two, passionate about art, photography, self care, natural remedies, and recipes. Thanks for visiting!

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  • Dirty Thirty Shopping
    People think getting older means you get fat and can’t wear the same things. At times that is totally the case, but, there’s more… Getting older means you can’t run around barefoot all day; apparently. You’ll get heel spurs, metatarsalgia (pain in your arch), plantar fasciitis (flattening of the foot causing mini tears), Achilles pain, … Read more
  • Turning 30
    Today I turn 30. There is something about 30 that makes most people really reevaluate their lives. At 30 you are somewhat expected to have everything put together. You are expected to know what you want to do for a living, have a house of your own, have the child bearing process going, and more. … Read more

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