“How to make kids listen.” There are so many books and articles on this subject. We are constantly attempting to force our children into situations they don’t want. At times it is totally necessary to force them but not always. Understandably, we get offended and frustrated when they don’t bend to our every whim. Which makes sense. We are only human after all. But, it’s important to remember; so are they.

As parents or even as single adults it can be easy to ignore kids. To turn on autopilot and forget that they are not plants that you simply water and walk away. Children are tiny people that are exploring and experiencing everything for the first time. In their innocent eyes they view a weed as something so much more. We grab our chemicals and quickly kill the intruder that’s ruining the all green grass. Yet, children look at a weed and appreciate all the little details of it. The pretty color, the shape of the petals, and the way it grows tall above the grass. It is important to slow down as an adult and see things through a child’s eye. Especially as a parent or a family member of a child.

I am a parent myself. Still learning and still getting to know my child. Children and people are always changing so we should never stop getting to know our kids and the people around us.

For some adults it can be hard to connect with kids. There are plenty of parents and family members of kids that say they don’t like to play or don’t know how to talk to kids. Just try to think back on your childhood. Maybe you had a less than ideal childhood. Picture your ideal childhood then create it for the kids around you. Remember not to compare your life to the child’s life. Everyone’s paths is different. Just try to make the best out of what you have. Always try to keep in mind what the child will remember. The more memorable moments the better.

Connecting with Kids:

  • Spend time in your child’s world. Sit on the floor and play as a child.
  • Let them get dirty. A shower doesn’t take that long.
  • Play pretend with them or give them ideas.
  • Let them turn the living room into a blanket fort.
  • Only buy washable markers. Therefore, art on skin or walls is not the end of the world. *tip: mr.clean’s magic eraser is truly magic
  • When telling kids “no”, tell them why. Explaining helps them to become more logical and empathetic people.
  • Have a set time for cleanup so they start expecting it more and remind them 5 minutes before it starts. Avoiding the meltdown from you ending their game.

We spend so much effort on making sure they go to the right school where they can learn the most. Yes, knowledge is power, but, too much knowledge too soon kills a child’s innocence. So let them be young. Let them be kids. Let them learn through their own mistakes. And listen as much as you can. You might learn new things about yourself in the mean time. Most importantly, have fun.

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