Ancient Era

Ancient Greece has its place in Albania. Many people travel to the country Greece to see a window into the past. Surprisingly, Albania has its own place in Greek history. You can feel transported when visiting “Apollonia.” A town containing an entire ancient settlement that was once part of the Roman Empire. A beautiful old church with the original paintings still on the smooth stone walls. Multiple buildings with the classic Greek architecture. Perfectly aged pieces of column litter the scene alongside a crumbling theatre complete with a stone stage. In one of the buildings they display smaller artifacts from the era such as medical tools, copper strainers, sandals and more. In other buildings they display larger artifacts including the largest vase I’ve ever seen, magnificent marble statues, and stone tablets in Greek. There are so many pieces and everything is in much better condition than I expected; it’s impressive.

Medical Tools

Copper Ladle

Copper Strainer. If you look closely at the middle one you can see the craftsmen made a tiny flower design using the strainer holes, which I find so impressive considering the materials.

Remains of a Marketplace

Ancient Greece is best know for its large sculptures of men and women in marble. Feats of talent and dedication that is mostly missing in todays world of fast art. Hard long work that creates classics.

Such fine detail was achieved in things like fingers, abs, and toes it makes sculpting look easy and effortless when we know that is not the case. Especially only using a chisel and hammer.

So much to see I can’t share it all simply through my lens. Pictures don’t do it justice. “Apollonia” is truly magical. Go see for yourself.

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