Ancient Era

Ancient Greece has its place in Albania. Many people travel to the country Greece to see a window into the past. Surprisingly, Albania has its own place in Greek history. You can feel transported when visiting “Apollonia.” A town containing an entire ancient settlement that was once part of the Roman Empire. A beautiful old […]


“How to make kids listen.” There are so many books and articles on this subject. We are constantly attempting to force our children into situations they don’t want. At times it is totally necessary to force them but not always. Understandably, we get offended and frustrated when they don’t bend to our every whim. Which […]

More Vlorë

Still in Vlorë, I am exploring more. Many places to see and all are lovely. I’m attempting to make the best of my last days here without going broke. It is very tempting to spend all I have on the many restaurants, cafés, and stores. Flashy shoe stores have been calling my name. So far, […]

Falling in love with Vlore

This blog is in no way a travel blog. I started this blog while I spent nearly a month in the beautiful city, Vlorë, on the coast of Albania. Much of Albania is filled with old abandoned buildings covered with the air of a forgotten era. Concrete skeleton like houses with the guts never filled […]